About Company

About Company

We are a Translation Company that provides an opportunity to develop communication with the assistance and support of professional, skilled translators, linguists and interpreters. 

The Company Geosilk Translations provides translation services that is highly required in any region or part of Georgia in about 50 languages or even more. The service connects 500 Georgian and 800 native experienced, adept linguists. Geosilk Translations service suggests different digital services, as well. 

One of the benefits of Geosilk Translations is the translation services that are developed and specialized in several domains, which means the translation of various documents on different issues by experts in the appropriate field. Every elaborated document is checked through a quality control. 

Geosilk Translations was founded in 2019, Tbilisi, Georgia. The professional translation company recommends well-qualified linguists in such services, as: 

Our translation company provides well-designed and professional translation assistance in terms of medicine.

Our translation company provides an excellent and well-organized technical translation assistance.

Our translation company suggests a professional scientific translation help and special service.

Our translation company makes a special proposition in terms of qualified literary translation assistance.

Well-designed and qualified legitimate and professional translation help and services that are accomplished by competent translators of Geosilk Translations

Geosilk Translations provides an outstanding website translation assistance as well.

Geosilk Translations suggests professional non-verbal (or sign language) translation assistance.

Our company offers simultaneous and consecutive types of translation. The simultaneous translation is a service, where the linguist suggests an accurate, in-depth translation of the text. Simultaneous translation demands energy and obligatory qualifications. Simultaneous interpreting works for large and live events, while consecutive interpreting works for small gatherings or one-on-one meetings where the conversation allows for pauses to interpret (Telephone or skype calls, Business negotiations, Press conferences, Presentations, Festive events, Seminars, etc.)

Our company’s main objective is to provide translation assistance for people or private companies in Georgia and all around the world. Our translation company is unique for its ideology and values. Moreover, its central priority is to recommend our customers highly qualified and professional translation assistance and services. We hire both Georgian and non-native linguists, with their collaborative efforts in order to satisfy our clients’ needs. 

Trusted by our clients – guiding companies and businesses globally – our translation service supports customers thrive in worldwide markets applying qualified translation aids and professional translators. 

Moreover, our community, staffed by non-native and Georgian experts, provides the following services:

Our Services


  1. მთარგმნელობითი სერვისი

მასში ჩაშლილი სერვისები :

წერილობითი თარგმანი იქნება სათაურად  ხოლო ქვევით ქვეკატეგორიები იქნება :

ზეპირი თარგმანი

სურდო თარგმანი/ზეპირი თარგმანი

  1. კორექტირება/რედაქტირება
  2. ტექსტის აკრეფა
  3. დაკაბადონება
  4. სკანირება და გაციფრულება
  5. ქოფირაითინგი, ბლოგები და საპრეზენტაციო ტექსტების მომზადება
  6. CV-ებისა და PowerPoint პრეზენტაციების აწყობა